We equip clients with the best practices that enable them to: 

Create and perfect operational processes.

Attain and increase income.

Maintain business organization. 

Gain essential financial knowledge.

Feel confident about their business growth. 

Hi, I'm Myranda J. Harper-Penn, Certified Non-Profit  Accounting Professional and IRS approved tax preparer. 

HBS was birthed from a true desire to educate, empower, and enlighten people and businesses. 

Whether we are consulting, doing accounting, tax preparation, or public speaking, we have a true passion for people to be educated; to be good stewards over what they have and to be fully supported to reach success. 


A Little Background

By seeing the disorganization and lack of processes, working with businesses through their struggles, comforting ones who have cried from frustration, and witnessing the thirst for knowledge and change, it was confirmed that Harper Business Solutions could be a vehicle to aid in cultivating the tools, skills and abilities necessary for organizational mobility and operational effectiveness.

HBS is all about "Reaching Beyond Numbers!" We make a habit to instill the mantra to our clients, "don't fixate on the money." On this professional career and entrepreneurial journey, we have come across so many individuals and businesses who have their minds set on making money. Now, it is not wrong to have a desire to make and have money. However, the problem that we have seen is many chase the dollar and wonder why they cannot seem to attain and increase their income. They cannot seem to grasp an understanding of what is really wrong. What is the root cause? It's the processes! 

What stands out most about what we do is when people have that "ah ha" moment. To see the light bulb come on and the smiles on their faces, makes us feel so overjoyed! It does nothing but solidify that we are doing exactly what we have been purposed to do in life.

As the CEO, I consider myself to be different and not the "typical" bean counter, executive or consultant. I like to have fun in every thing that I do, including my business. I grew up as an Army brat and we moved quite frequently. So my life was always about meeting new people and being able to adapt, improvise, and overcome. 

I truly believe in forging relationships with each person and business I work with. When we begin to talk about dreams, businesses, money, and the ups and downs of it all, things become intimate and personal. And the best way I am able to connect to others is by truly taking the time to listen to what is being shared, and simply be me, which includes honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy spending time reading and being in the kitchen. Yes, I love to cook and I am great at it! For me, it is relaxing and therapeutic. Additionally, I am a wife, a mother to a precious girl, Riley, and have the best fur-kid ever, Arwen Brooke! She is a toy yorkipoo, full of energy and personality. They both keep me filled with joy and laughter! 

Thank you for taking time to read this and learning a bit about who we are. We look forward to meeting and learning more about you!



Education & Certifications

Advanced Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional
Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional
QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

IRS Approved AFSP Tax Return Preparer

Notary Public

Masters of Science in Accounting – Strayer University

Masters of Management – University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies: Interpersonal & Organizational – UNC Chapel Hill

AICPA Non-CPA Associate Member

AICPA Not-For-Profit Section Member

Member of National Association of Tax Professionals

Member of National Society of Accountants